Cloud-based Digital Signage Hosting

A Digital Signage display has the power to grab your customers’ attention and draw them in. Your digital signage should be a natural extension of your brand, culture and environment. Whether the purpose is for information, advertising or a combination, our in-house creative team can design custom screens that will carry the branding style of your corporate identity. Working together we will develop a custom design to fit your digital signage application and communicate your message to your target audience.

Our vast experience in the world of multimedia ensures that you can achieve the most stunning results with your screens. We firmly believe that content is king, and have proven this time and time again through the delivery of sharp, targeted design.

Any piece of artwork or content design must first meet the needs of the intended audience.

Our Design Services

  • Create dynamic, eye-catching layout elements tailored to your brand
  • Design of multi-zones skin templates
  • Set up preconfigured alert templates and notices
  • Flash animation or motion graphics
  • Animate static logos, text and graphics for more impact
  • Design custom wayfinding maps and directories to help direct visitors
  • Graphic design of retail digital posters and digital menuboard
  • Incorporate auto-updating widgets with Facebook and Twitter feeds
  • Encourage audience participation with QR Tags, SMS Polls and more


Data Applications

Our flexible software structure allows for straightforward integration with many different data sources. We have provided data integration solutions for a wide range of different customers and applications including:

  • Database connections: Oracle / SQL / MySQL
  • XML, SOAP & RSS feeds
  • FTP downloads
  • Financial data integration

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