2D/3D Wayfinder

Ascenstar’s wayfinder solution is a powerful way to connect and engage with your target audiences.

Highly interactive, your target audience can navigate through your building using 3-dimensional location maps while finding out more about the promotions and events going on that day.

Solution features:

  • Multi-touch interactive 3-D maps
  • Intelligent navigation (shortest route)
  • Multi-search functions
  • Detailed descriptions of routes, destinations and itineraries
  • Beautiful design and smooth rendering
  • Multilingual capability
  • Multi-functional:
    • Multi-zone for advertisements, dynamic bulletins etc.
    • Livehub data display

Maintenance and updating of the content is a breeze with our web-based management server. The wayfinders can be monitored from a central location anytime for operational status. With advanced data analytics, you can also further adapt and fine-tune your businesses for better customer satisfaction.

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