LED Tickerboard

LED Tickerboards or Electronic Messaging Boards are getting popular in applications such as sports tickers, finanical stocks tickers and news tickers. They can be seen in many public areas such as airports, shopping malls, train stations or financial institutions.

Tickerboards enable the message to be streamed along with financial news and sports data, with an added advantage of combining digital signage with architectural design. By embedding the displays in walls, streaming up pillars or in arc shapes, digital signage can now be integrated seamlessly and tastefully into the overall facade design.

Ascenstar offers tri-color (red, green, orange) and full-color LED tickerboards. Key features include:

  • High resolution image reproduction
  • Ultra bright display with superior contrast
  • Ideal for imagery with wide viewing angles
  • Multilingual support with variable scroll speed
  • State of the art SMD (3-in-1) LED technology
  • Energy efficient displays
  • Scalable in length and height
  • Long-life technology
  • Playback online and offline content
  • Powerful software for content control and scheduling


Information can be updated remotely, delivered via real-time feeds and displayed using a variety of screen layouts customized for market or financial data, news headlines, promotional messaging, and much more.

Indoor tickerboards are available in 1.9mm, 2.5mm, or 4mm pixel pitch with options of one line, two line or multi-line displays. There is no length limitation and is customizable according to your needs.

Outdoor tickerboard are available in 6mm or 10mm pixel pitch with options of one line or two lines. There are no length limitation and customizable to your needs. The outdoor tickerboards have high brightness and are IP65 water and weather resistant.

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