Digital Menu

Attract the attention and half the battle is won. The trendy and modern looks of digital menus are instantly eye-catching with high-resolution pictures of mouth-watering products the f&b outlet offers. Not only does the looks make the mark, the ease of updating the multiple menus across multiple outlets is made possible as the displays can be connected by network to a central control location. This also means that frequent refreshes for menus and presentation layouts can be done easily too.

Ascenstar’s digital menu solutions offer so many advantages compared to traditional forms of menu presentation.

From basic standalone displays to networked solutions for multi-outlets and touchscreens for interactive ordering, Ascenstar has an answer for every need.

Solution highlights:

  • Reliable: professional-grade displays with high contrast and brightness
  • Multifunctional: multiple display zones for menus, messages, dynamic bulletins and more
  • Scheduling: scheduled auto-on-off timing
  • Easy menu maintenance
  • Scalable and renewable: easy implementation of new design templates

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